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Tiller Care Strategies is an adult and geriatric care management service (also known as case management) designed to assess an individual’s current situation and level of functioning; evaluate the options available and develop and implement a plan of care to afford the individual the highest quality of life with the most independence as safely possible.

Developing a care plan is accomplished through a comprehensive clinical assessment which evaluates the individual’s physical health, mental and emotional health; functional abilities, social needs and spiritual needs. Our care managers are knowledgeable about community services and resources and can develop a plan to meet the client needs in the home or within a residential care setting.

Our care managers can advise the family of when it’s time to set up in-home assistance or when it may be appropriate to place the client. They can assist in recommending appropriate placement options or assist with finding reputable and reliable in-home assistance.

Our care managers are advocates. They interface with and advocate for the client with professionals involved with their care such as physicians, hospitals, psychiatrists, attorneys, trust officers home health agencies, residential care facilities, insurance companies, the State and more.

TCS services are tailored to fit your needs. We can be consulted on a one-time basis; involved briefly or extensively depending on the need of the client. Fees are charged on an hourly basis. There is no charge for an initial e-mail or phone call.

-Tiller Care Team

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